Spotify Update Brings Support for New Chromecast, 2016 BMW 7 Series

You’ve bought your spanking brand new 2016 BMW 7 series and you’re as proud as you can ever be. You take it out for a test drive, but notice that something is missing. You’ve just bought the newest Chromecast device introduced late last month. You’ve streamed a lot of videos on to your TV set. But you feel like there’s something still missing. Well, that something for both may have just finally arrived: Spotify support through the latest update to the app.

Because your carefully curated Spotify playlist is the perfect driving companion, it’s only natural that you’d want it to blast onto your brand new BMW. The update to the Spotify for Android app brings support for the 2016 BMW 7 series. In fact, all of the new models will come with Spotify built-in. You can pair your Android device to your car so that you can control playback and other musical things from your BMW dashboard. Other older BMW and Mini vehicles will also get support soon, but not for now.

If you’re one of the early birds who got their hands on the brand new Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, then you will be able to enjoy wirelessly streaming Spotify onto your speakers and television sets. This second generation Chromecast has a better antenna for ultra-fast connectivity and has "significantly improved Wi-fi support”. For now, the older models don’t have Spotify support yet, but it will be coming to them soon too, as stated in their update log.

The update to the Spotify for Android app that brings support to the 2016 BMW 7 series and new Chromecast devices has started rolling out to users. Just check the Google Play Store page to see if it has reached you already.