Frequently Asked Questions 

What is your Navigation Map Update Return Policy?
Do to the nature of obtaining release codes for map updates, they are not re-usable. Once we obtain the release code and send you the USB Drive/ Download Instructions the product has been delivered and we will generally not accept returns. However, we will work with you and find a solution if you are having any problems updating your system. We have sold thousands of map updates in the last year and rarely experience any user problems. In the event there is a problem, we have map update experts that will be able to find the proper solution.

Are Navigation Map Update Subscriptions Transferable?
Map Update Subscriptions are not transferable to any other vehicle or VIN. 

I purchased a Navigation Map Update Subscription, when will I receive my updates?
We are notified when BMW has released new map updates for EVO, NEXT, ROUTE, and PREMIUM Navigation Systems. It takes us a day or two to make sure everything is working smoothly and to test the update. Your subscription update will be mailed or emailed within three days of the new map version being released.  

How do I find my navigation map version?
1) Press "Nav" on your iDrive controller
2) Press "Option" on your iDrive controller
3) Scroll to the bottom to view navigation map version

Does coding void my warranty?
No. At it's core, coding is turning on and off features that are already part of the vehicle's software. "Code writing" is not involved so there is no altering of BMW's software.

How does remote coding work?
We send you a ENET cable and USB drive in the mail. After it arrives we "remote in" to your computer using the TeamViewer software. We do not install any software on your computer. The programs we use are contained in the USB drive. We are able to perform remote coding worldwide. 

What kind of guarantee does Bimmer America offer?
We guarantee that you are 100% satisfied with your service or your money back. We pride ourselves on professionalism and excellence. If we do not live up to this standard please let us know what we can do to make your experience better.

What if the dealership resets or updates my car's software?
If the dealership wipes your coding due to an update or reset we will re-code your car at a 25% discount. Please use the "Contact Us" form and we will re-code your vehicle as soon as possible. 

Do you have a referral program?
Yes. The Bimmer America referral program gives you 10% of your referral's purchases to spend on future products and services. No signing up is necessary and all you have to do is make sure the person you are referring mentions your name during checkout.

Please Contact Us with any other questions and we will respond within one hour, during normal business hours.