New Products: Waylens Horizon and Waylens Secure360 dash cams!

We just launched the full line of Waylens security products on the site and I can tell you these are amazing. By far the coolest and most useful dash cams on the market.

The Horizon is a specially designed camera that allows you to capture and save the true thrill of your drive. The system allows you to overlay driving performance data on video and share your best driving moments in real time. 

The Secure360 is exactly as it sounds, its a single lens security camera/dash cam with a 360 degree turning radius. Currently only the wifi version is available but soon it will have 4G connectivity so you can access the camera feed anywhere. 

Amazing products. Check them out!

Exclusive coding vendor for Invisihitch!

Starting in January 2018 we are now the exclusive coding vendor for Invisihitch hitches on BMW vehicles!

Execuhitch is the North American distributor of the “Invisihitch” product line — the invisible hitch for towing and for connecting bike racks, cargo platforms, etc. The Invisihitch installs behind the bumper and leaves no evidence of a hitch on your vehicle when the ball mount or bike-rack connector is removed. It is truly invisible when not in use!

Call them directly at (678) 400-0121 with any questions or to place your order!

Check out their facebook page (and all amazing reviews) at

Here is their website:

New Autotecknic products coming soon!

We just partnered with Autotecknic to offer their full range of BMW parts. 

This is going to be a huge addition of products to Bimmer America. Everything from tow hooks to carbon fiber mirrors, headlight covers, aero parts, spoilers, bumper reflectors, interior trims, and brake kits. ALL made for BMW vehicles. 

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for the following pages to be updated with products:


BMW adding 1,000 jobs at South Carolina plant

BMW's biggest plant in the world is about to get a little bigger.

The German automaker said Monday it will add another 1,000 jobs and invest $600 million in the plant as part of a plan to boost annual production to as many 450,000 vehicles.

"It's a great day for us here in Spartanburg and South Carolina and for the BMW group," said Harald Krueger, chairman of BMW. "The workforce will be well above 10,000 people, which is, in my view, clearly a symbol of success."

BMW's facility in Spartanburg is already the company's largest final assembly plant in the world, employing more than 9,000 workers and building more than 411,000 SUVs and crossovers last year.

Krueger marked the 25th anniversary of announcing plans to build the South Carolina plant by unveiling the newest version of the X3 crossover utility vehicle.

While BMW's investment and plan to hire more workers in South Carolina will be welcomed by President Donald Trump, the move comes just months after the president blasted German automakers as part of a broader complaint about Germany's trade surplus with the U.S.

"You can build cars in the United States, but for every car that comes to the USA, you will pay a 35 percent tax," Trump told the German newspaper Bild earlier this year.

Krueger denies BMW is spending and hiring in South Carolina as a way to placate the president.

"There was already planning before [Trump's election], because we have long-term strategic planning, but also the success of the U.S. market is something that was, for us, important," he said.

Krueger, along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, met with Trump in March and he is well aware these are delicate times for automakers in the U.S.

The president is moving to renegotiate NAFTA and many are wondering what type of tariff, if any, could be slapped on autos imported from Mexico and Canada. Last year, those two countries supplied about 20 percent of the 17.5 million vehicles sold in the U.S.

Under pressure from the White House, Ford has scrapped plans to build a new small car assembly plant in Mexico, but BMW is not changing its expansion plans south of the border.
The company is building a final assembly plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, scheduled to open in 2019 that will manufacture the company's most popular vehicle, the 3 Series.

As for a possible tariff on imported vehicles, Krueger is not worried after his conversations with the president.

"We explained, when I was in Washington with the German chancellor and had the opportunity to talk about our business here in Spartanburg, and the president acknowledged how successful our operation is here in South Carolina," said Krueger. "I could argue and explain that one to the president that our success is based on free trade because we are the biggest net exporter for the United States."

BMW M Performance Black Kidney Grills

We just started selling the full range of GENUINE BMW Black Kidney Grills direct from our site! Make an impression that lasts from the first glance: The high-gloss black kidney grille gives the front of the car an even more dynamic and athletic look. The glossy black surrounds make the air inlet appear more striking and bigger. Athletic, unique kidney grill in premium, sturdy BMW quality.

Check them out:

Kidney grills are for all F-Series 3-Series, 4-Series, 5-Series, 6-Series, X1, X3, X5, and X5 vehicles. 

BMW Adaptive Drive

Adaptive Drive.

On every curve, on every road surface: Adaptive Drive counteracts the forces that cause body roll. Your BMW handles with outstanding sporting agility, while also ensuring a very comfortable journey for you and your passengers. Body roll is practically eliminated, and winding roads can be enjoyed with a maximum of stability and safety.

The proven effectiveness of BMW's innovative chassis control systems, Dynamic Drive and Variable Damper Control (VDC) work closely together to deliver an outstandingly smooth ride and enhanced agility. Sensors in your BMW permanently monitor vehicle speed, steering-wheel position and the pitch and yaw forces acting on the chassis. Using this data, the system precisely adjusts the stabilisers and the dampers, changing their settings quickly and accurately. This coordinated interaction of dampers and stabilisers counteracts the forces that cause the body to roll or sway. Your BMW hugs the road, delivers neutral self-steering behaviour, outstanding agility and shorter braking distances.

Furthermore, Adaptive Drive adjusts the suspension settings to suit the character of the road surface. Each axle has its own independent motor that can adjust the dampers on each individual wheel. When the road surface under one side of the vehicle differs in character from that on the other side - such as when driving on roads with gravel shoulders - Adaptive Drive instantly adjusts the suspension settings of the wheels on one side to practically eliminate any perceptible unevenness in the road. In addition, you can choose between a more comfortable default setting for the suspension, or a more sporting setting.

Such high-speed calculations and responses demand a high-performance electronics system. Adaptive Drive utilises FlexRay, a high-speed data transfer system that networks sensors, control units and stabilisers.

SEMA and AAPEX was a Success!

This post is a little late but we have been quite busy since we got back from SEMA this year. We met a good amount of amazing new companies and hope to get their products launched soon! Of particular interest is a unique Swiss company that makes very innovative care safety products and another small company who has very cool dash cams. Hoping to bring them to you soon!


Launching our new Rotomaster N54 replacement turbos!

Rotomaster BMW N54 Replacement TwinPower TurboCharger

We just finalized our distributor agreement with rotomaster to carry N54 replacement turbos! We are very excited and you all should be too, great company and an affordable price. These puppies come with a 12 month UNLIMITED mileage warranty - so drive it like it's stolen.

1-Year BMW Navigation Map Update Subscription Launch

We have just launched a new subscription service for our navigation map updates! Lately there has been numerous requests for information on when the 2016.2 map update will be releases since 2016.1 has been out for quite sometime. 

Although we still dont have an answer on when 2016.2 will come out we do have an answer to the problem - yearly map update subscriptions! When you purchase a subscription you will be sent the current map update software and a release code. If you purchase the download version you will receive an email as soon as the new map is released with the download instructions and release code. If you purchase the shipped USB version you will receive an email notifying you of your tracking number for your new map update. 

We are offering a yearly download subscription fro $99 and a yearly shipped USB subscription for $119:


We just finished up at SEMA and AAPEX this year and WOW, it was amazing. Tons of awesome BMWs, which you can see on our Instagram page:

This year was our first year attending the show and we are looking forward to next year already. We made dozens of great product contacts that will help us launch into selling aftermarket parts and accessories to all of you bimmer fans out there.

Stay tuned! We have some great things in the pipeline!